Elijah Spurgeon Caskey
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2005 Scrapbook                        
2006 Scrapbook
Elijah Spurgeon Caskey
June 11, 2005
Reading books, playing with “guys” (Star Wars toys), Bird watching, & bike rides
A few of my favorite things
My baby sister
Peanut Butter
Listening to iPod with Dada
My friends Hannah, Molly,  Benjamin, and the Pavelka children
How I got my Name
Elijah - which means Jehovah is God and for the prophet in the Bible who didn’t die but was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot.  He stood up for what was right and served the Lord when his culture wasn’t.
Spurgeon - for the British pastor who also served the Lord with his life in such a wholehearted way that he affected his generation (and many more since) in amazing ways.